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A cool image a friend had on file of the Goodies Speed Shop sponsored Brutus Firebird funnycar

Here's a cool picture of an Vintage Trans-Am '68 Camaro that's currently for sale.

IT'S FINALLY HERE!! A great book called "Building the Mule" with over 700 pictures. More than ever ran in PHR.

Here's an "original paint" NOR 03B '69 Z11 (convertible Pace Car) cowl coloring.

Columbus Trip -Took an original 69 Yenko Camaro to the GoodGuys show -Even got to drive this piece of history.

Columbus Trip -Steven Rupp in Bad Penny 68 Camaro at the Autocross

Columbus Trip -Nick, Steven, Robert and gang all together for a photoshoot

Columbus Trip -Great looking '73 with Anvil Carbon Fiber stuff

Columbus Trip -Wicked Nova build at the Optima Batteries booth

Columbus Trip -Brian's Hemi Lightweight Super Stocker! Hands off aluminum!

Columbus Trip -Caleb Arone's Byrne Brothers Nostalgia drag racer '69 Camaro

Caleb Arone's '69 COPO Camaro was a big NHRA winner at the Dover Drag Strip. 4 times in '71 and once in '73
Drop me an E-mail if you have any info on this car. It was yellow and possibly black at one time.
It didn't have the hood scoop back in the day. It was possibly owned by Joe Lamana.
It was also possibly nicknamed Mr. Attitude.
It was also a 5-time NHRA winner at Suffolk County Raceway.
There are only 3900 miles on the car so it was probably only driven on the track.

Columbus Trip -A quarter panel from a Chevelle being restored. Nice 70's mural!

Columbus Trip -Awesome restored 427 Yenko Nova with original special order Cadillac color paint.

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Pacific Fabrication (in Morgan Hill, CA) makes a new Big Block Alternator bracket that
mounts a small-case alternator without modifying the First Gen Camaro frame

The bracket installed on the engine.

The alternator and power steering pump mounted on the engine.

A teaser pic of the Baddest Camaro on the Planet!

Pacific Fabrication performed a clean install with their great LS Engine Package.

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"How to Build & Modify GM Pro-Touring Street Machines"

New Ford Restomod Book NEWS!!! Due to lack of interest in Ford's this book has been discontinued
by Cartech/S-A Design Books. is the last stocking dealer for this book. We only
have a limited amount on hand! If you've been puting off your purchase don't wait too long.
-UPDATED 4-1-08 ...this is NOT an April Fools joke.

Click on image above, for the first slide show from our Australia Trip

Click on image above, for the second slide show from our Australia Trip

Click on image above, for the third slide show from our Australia Trip

Click on image above, for the third slide show from our Australia Trip


Now I'm done with the first edit on the book and all the pictures are done. All 600+ images.

Here's a picture of my 496 stroker project engine

A really cool Cuda came into Goodies to get Paul Caselas to work his tuning magic on the new fuel injection.

I thought this was funny. I was taking pics while assembling the engine and couldn't resist.

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on my Big Block Chevy rebuild book
full-bore! I bought a couple of sets of valve covers from for the engines
I'm building. These are REALLY AWESOME valve covers. The "496 STROKER" valve covers
are very similar to the GM Performance valve covers, but they are about 3/4" taller!
The polished valve covers are really nice and the polish work is beautiful!

I also purchased a Performance Stainless Steel thermostat
housing for my 496 Project. This is the satin finish version. I can't beleive
how nice this part is. It's truly a top-shelf part for any engine.

I drove the Camaro to work today. I took the long way to work. :)
Today I thought I'd share one of my earliest inspirations for Pro-Touring. biggest inspiration was Big Red, but not my first. It was February, 1981
and Hot Rod Magazine ran an issue with a "Street Heroes" section that included
dropped and flared first and second gen Camaros. I cut the magazine up and hung
the pictures on my bedroom walls. About a year ago I purchased a copy on Ebay.
Here's the cover.

Stay tuned for pictures and information on updates and upgrades.
Tony Huntimer


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