Specs on Tony Huntimer's old '68 Camaro dubbed "Brutal Camaro"

Tech Articles

Mark8 (or MarkVIII) electric fan installation info

Valve retainer failure

How I got the BIG tires and wheels on my '68 Camaro

Stroker update (part4)
Here are the specs on the roller hydraulic camshaft.
Cam card photo

Update on 433 Big Block Chevy stroker build-up (part 3)

New parts include; Elgin 4 bolt main caps (conversion from 2-bolt), JE pistons,
Scat rods, Scat forged crank, Crane roller cam, Crower roller hydraulic lifters,
Crower Rev-kit (custom fit for roller hydraulic lifters by Paul Caselas),
Crower titanium retainers, and Manley undercut swirl-polished stainless valves.
The only parts used from the last build-up are; head castings, block casting,
14 Crane roller rockers (of the original 16), ARP rocker studs, guide plates,
gear drive, head bolts, Diamond Stirpper windage tray, and Milodon oil pan.

click image to see a larger picture

Engine Buildup (part 2)
I received my JE Pistons today and took them to the machine shop. That concludes
all the parts I needed to get to the shop to get started on the machine work. I
took a shot of the Scat H-beam rods and pistons together. They are attatched to my
Scat 4130 lightened and knife-edged 427-454 crankshaft.

click image to see a larger picture

Engine Buildup - BBC Stroker
On October 14, 1999 I dropped a valve in my Chevy Camaro. I am finally getting all
of the parts together. Soon, all of the parts will be taken to the machine shop.
I will be posting the progress of the build-up of the 396 big block.
It will be stroked out to 433 cubic inches, using a 454 crank, rods, and custom pistons.

Buying Parts
When you are getting ready to order parts through a catalog, keep a few things in mind.
1. You get a great deal on the price when you buy from a catalog/warehouse over the phone.
2. If you order through the catalog, and get a wrong or damaged part, you have to send it back accross the country.
3. If you buy the parts at a local speed shop, you will be supporting your local businesses.
4. If you buy the part from the local speed shop, you can get extra help if you have questions about installing the part.

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