Tony Huntimer removes his old bolt-in subframe connectors and replaces them with 2x3 rectangle tubing
These are in sequence.
Bolt in subframe connector bolted in front -added 3/24/01
Old subframe connnector and floor -added 3/24/01
Old subframe rear mounting -added 3/24/01
Old connectors hang down, new ones won't -added 3/24/01
CA Chassisworks aluminum body bushing kit -added 3/24/01
Bushings in, had to add gold spacers for keep bolt from sticking up too high -added 3/24/01
Marking under side before cutting -added 3/24/01
Started cutting floor boards -added 3/24/01
Doing job with common hand tools, it's a workout -added 3/24/01
Rear flap drilled to gain access -added 3/24/01
Flap bent up -added 3/24/01
flap up with strip of metal gone, access flaps marked -they are access areas for the welder -added 3/24/01
Panel under seat lined out and cut slightly -added 3/24/01
Access flaps cut bent up on passenger side -added 3/28/01
Floor sliced up -added 3/28/01
Shot from under the car with the metal gone -added 3/28/01
Lines laid out on the drivers side, lines were setup from hole drilled from under car near subframe -add ed 3/28/01
Lines laid out or rear section, lines setup from hole drilled from under car near rear frame -added 3/28 /01
Two 2x3 rectangle tube stock for about $50 -added 3/28/01
Connector held into place after cutting tubing -added 3/28/01
Connector fitted to rear closeup -added 3/28/01
While Mark Deshetler welds the connectors in -added 3/28/01
Mark welding flaps down on drivers side -added 3/28/01
Mark welding in passenger side -added 3/28/01
Subframe connector done being welded in -added 4/02/01
Connector attached to front subframe -added 4/02/01
Connector welded to rear frame, still needs to be cleaned up -added 4/02/01
Clearance under car is much better than with the bolt in connectors -added 4/02/01
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