Custom 53 Chevy -added 8/31/01
53 Chevy engine -big block Chevy! -added 8/31/01
Nice 56 Chevy -added 8/31/01
56 chevy front wheel and Baer brake -added 8/31/01
56 Rear wheel and Baer brake. The frame is even spotless -added 8/31/01
Black flamed rod -added 8/31/01
Rods! -added 8/31/01
Rad Rides by Troy! -added 8/31/01
Billet Specialties and Rad Rides by Troy 1960 Sedan Delivery. Sweet! Wins choice award! -added 8/31/01
Side shot of delivery -added 8/31/01
Delivery front. Real Low! -added 8/31/01
Sing on delivery -added 8/31/01
Pro-street sedan -added 8/31/01
Inside - Roll bar is real close to the drivers head, bad news in a crash, even with padding -added 8/31/01
Blue drag Anglia -added 8/31/01
Red Drag Anglia -added 8/31/01
Chassisworks First Gen Camaro subframe - nice unit -added 8/31/01
Chassisworks - anti-dive built in -added 8/31/01
Chassisworks spindle -added 8/31/01
Chassisworks spindle -view 2 -added 8/31/01
Chassisworks spindle - brake caliper baracket is part of the spindle -added 8/31/01
Cool Bus -added 8/31/01
Cool paint graphics -added 8/31/01
Custom S-10 Truck -added 8/31/01
What kind of head lights are these? -added 8/31/01
Front end of S-10 -added 8/31/01
Flamed Rod chassis -added 8/31/01
Another shot of flamed chassis - Nice touch! -added 8/31/01
Sedan going on flamed frame -added 8/31/01
CobraJet for the Ford fans! -added 8/31/01
Gas pump -added 8/31/01
Gas pump like the one I have! Only nicer! :) -added 8/31/01
Rad Ride by Troy -added 8/31/01
Rad Ride again -added 8/31/01
Old drag Henry-J -added 8/31/01
Injected rod -added 8/31/01
Same rod, front suspension -added 8/31/01
Killer Truck! -added 8/31/01
Moon Truck -added 8/31/01
Moon Truck's amazing what a lower shot does... -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad engine -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad engine again -Hogan's Manifold on 32 valve Thunder Power heads on BBC -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad -Frame pic -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad -rear glass to show detail -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad -rear wheel -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad -Front shot -added 8/31/01
Real Steel Nomad -Tail lights like out of a 53 Corvette -added 8/31/01
Real Steel's website -added 8/31/01
Pure Hell! -added 8/31/01
Another shot of Pure Hell! -added 8/31/01
Engine in Pure Hell! -added 8/31/01
Street & Performance 502 BB Ramjet -added 8/31/01
Stream liner -added 8/31/01
Tanker -salt flat car -added 8/31/01
Tanker's engine -added 8/31/01
Lots of Woodies -added 8/31/01
Even More Woodies! :) -added 8/31/01

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Last Update 8/31/01